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23C build state-of-the-art solutions at lightening speed, specialises in custom-built software that makes the virtual world look, feel and function better and easier for all types of users. We are well-versed in all the leading software and hardware technologies, programming languages, design models and open source solutions. Most importantly, we apply responsive design to work on all platforms from tablets and mobiles to desktops.

We can build your content management system and website in just a week, so you can manage your website content yourself through an very easy-to-use admin site.

Click here to test a demo version of 23XP. The link will open up another website for you to login at – the username is “demo” and password is “demo” too. Give it a try!

Case: Free2Move

Free2Move all devices
Ease of use
The content of the Free2move website is easily managed through a backend admin system

The publicly traded company, Free2Move, had recently acquired a new tech company and needed to present a great deal of sales material online. We created a site that works as a sales tool, where content can be navigated in layers of need – from top level brand messaging, to deep product technical information supplied as downloadable PDF's.

Case: Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper
Mystery Shopper
A white-labeled app, which is easy-to-use and customizable for your particular needs

TNS is one of the largest research agencies in the world. “Mystery Shopper” was a tool, created by 23C, in order to help TNS perform local market research with a structured set of questions to end customers in retail settings

Did you receive help from the waiter within five minutes? Did the vendor inform you about special offerings this month? Mystery Shopper gets customers to evaluate customer service anonymously, ensuring quality data.

In order to ensure that quality data is captured, the GPS location is stored when the interviews starts and ends, and every picture taken gets tagged with the GPS-location as well. The entire interview gets audio-recorded, which can be played back from within the platform. If the interview is physically taken place far away from the intended address(es), the interview will be highlighted as potential erroneous so that the QA-team can decide on a desirable action.

The Mobile App can be used in offline mode, with the information continually saved, and later be synced with the Mystery Shopper platform, whenever the interviewer has resumed WiFi or +3G connectivity. This can come in handy when interviews are conducted in parking lots, malls or in rural areas with little to no data coverage.