Game Creation

Domain of UX & story telling

A game is very powerful way to get people involved in a story. The mechanics of gaming can be very useful in engaging large amounts of people, for Internal communications, external communications, or to crowd-source people to complete a large, or repetitive task. Gaming logic designs incentives for activity. It turns passive spectators of dry information into active participants, meaning that they will understand and remember information much more easily. A game also gives us the opportunity to communicate all the dimensions of a brand communication platform – words, graphics, sounds, colours, values and messaging – in a natural, and unforced way.

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Case: Flappy Saver

Super Flappy Laser screenshots
Award winner
Flappy Saver was the winner of Best App category at Gold Midas Award – the world's best financial advertising. The game generated a PR value of more than $4.600.000 USD

Ikano Bank was trying to win over new savers by offering a 100,000 SEK ($14,625 USD) prize to the winner of a computer game, that punishes players who waste money on pricey goods. In our game, Flappy Saver, inspired by the popular mobile game Flappy Bird, the player who can navigate hurdles such as jewellery stores and shoe shops wins the highest scores by protecting their savings that they store in a flying piggy bank.

In just 4 weeks the game reached over 116 million people worldwide! Over 1.523.418 played games were played in just over three weeks, with around 2.000 concurrent players, playing an average of 7 minutes per play, with a total of 154 days spent in the app. The game generated a PR value of more than $4.600.000 USD.

With a large cash prize to be won, there was bound to be some cheating, so we used more than six different technologies – both client- and server-side – to track, find and report fraudulent behaviour.

Flappy Saver was the winner of Best App category at Gold Midas Award – the world's best financial advertising, while also being featured on Bloomberg Business. It was also short-listed by European Excellence Awards and EuroBest. The game is still available for iTunes AppStore and Google Play.

Case: Orange Block Attack

Orange Block Attack screenshots
Orange is the new black
Our award-winning game received third place on the Kongregate "Made for Mobile"-contest and thousands of downloads on AppStore.

Play our award-winning game Orange Block Attack. It's currently available for desktopiTunes AppStore, Google Play and

Focus, skill and speed is needed to survive the onslaught of orange blocks. Be sure to make as many consecutive correct inputs to get a really good score.