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Blipster registration @ Jakarta
Registering participants
The registration process has opened at the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta

Blipster continues to provide valuable data for stakeholders

Thanks to its implemented ground-breaking technology, Blipster was invited to show-case its usefulness during the Industry Platforms’™ IoT-event that was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, between 15-16 August 2016.

Event space under construction @ Marriott, Jakarta
Event space under construction
The event space, which consisted of over 2000m²

In the event space, which consisted of over 2000m² (21.500sqf), and was populated by over 200 attendees, the Blipster platform handled – with the help of over 40 individually placed hot spots – the tracking of everyone’s movements and interactions due to the 30M data points collected during the events’ duration.

Big Data was estimated to have generated $125B worldwide in 2015, but extremely few companies or services in the IoT-sector are capable to capture the movement of known individuals in a closed environment – such as an event space, hospital, school or kindergarten – as Blipster is proven to do.