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We are very happy to announce that another eight of our puzzle- and brain-games from our library have been chosen in scientific studies at an American University. 

That means that so far, a grand total of 10 of our games, have been used for psychological studies and treatments. The first two games were 25 Boxes and rlax, which both have been part of extensive research trials since 2012. 25 Boxes was used for cognition research at the university while rlax was part of a stress trauma treament program in an another university, in Moscow, Russia.

In this latest study, data and results from each game is collected at a very detailed level to help to analyze the patients progress during a longer duration of time, creating and collecting invaluable information for the research teams.

As the NDA is soon comming to an end, we will be able to provide you with more details about the process, and what the results has tought us, from our cognitive games, apps and programs.