About us

Lightning fast, reliable, scalable digital platforms

23c was set up in 2010 to be the formal front to a network of literally some of the hottest creative tech nerds across the world. We are multi-disciplinary Internet developers who have decades of collective experience at the forefront of digital development. We are based all over the world, but have our offices in Stockholm and Singapore, combining the best of Scandinavian human-centred design with fast-moving business environments. Our passion is to build greater digital experiences through systematic problem-solving, and the promotion of e-democracy or “technology for all”.

Our business focus areas are:  The focus areas and cases are as follows: Internet of Things, Web & Mobile Applications, Event Interaction design, Data Visualization, and Game Creation.

We work with all types of partners, from multinational companies (MNC) and global brands, to tech start-ups and NGO's. We have designed and developed solutions as diverse as Gaming, Mobile & web applications, 3D projections, Product interfaces, Data visualisations and animations, Peer-to-peer platforms, Internet access technology, Project management tools, and Customized business platforms and solutions. We take on projects that we believe have the power to drive positive, incremental change.

It’s time to meet! No project is too big or too small for us. We can help with procurement of partners as well as technical and creative direction and production. To meet and discuss how we can be an asset to you organisation, or to request a keynote speech on the Future of Internet, please contact us on hello@23c.se.